HealthPark Medical Library
Friday: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Lee Memorial Medical Library
Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Cape Coral Medical Library
Friday: Closed
Gulf Coast Medical Library
Friday: Closed

Library Policies

Library Access

Lee Health Staff have access to the Medical Libraries at Lee Memorial Hospital, Cape Coral Hospital, and HealthPark Medical Center 24/7 by swiping their badge at the door. Staff access at the Gulf Coast Medical Library, located on the third floor of the Medical Office Building, is limited to the hours the building is open (Monday through Friday from 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM).

Those not employed by Lee Health have access to the libraries only when there is a staff member present. Please visit our website ( for staffed hours at each location. Because staffed hours can vary due to unexpected circumstances, please call to check that the library you plan to visit will be staffed when you arrive.

Library Conduct

Please be courteous of others using the library, and of the library itself.

If other patrons are present, please do not make phone calls in the library, unless you need to call the Information Technology Help Desk. If you must accept a call, please speak quietly, and end the call as soon as possible. If the call is going to take more than a minute or two, please step out of the library. This will help us maintain a quiet place to work for all library patrons.

Please do not eat and drink in the libraries, as accidents happen, and electricity and liquids don’t mix. Also, this practice has brought pests in the past and earned the ire of the pest control agent. (This is especially a problem at our locations with carpet, as little bits of food and drink get stuck in the fibers and are not easily removed.) There is a designated table or counter at each library location on which you may place your food and beverages while you work.

Computer Use

There will be one computer at Cape Coral Hospital, HealthPark Medical Center, and Lee Memorial Hospital and two computers at Gulf Coast Medical Center designated for public use. These clearly marked public access computers will have access to Google Chrome only. No documents or programs may be downloaded to or printed from these computers.

Lee Health Staff should sign in and work on the other computers, so that the public may use the computers designated for public use.

Copy and Fax Services

  • Lee Health Staff may print paystubs, CME certificates, and work-related items free of charge. We ask that you use discretion in what you print; please think twice before printing items such as long articles and materials that are available online.

  • Printed items that are not work-related (such as plane tickets, grocery lists, etc.) cost $.20/page. Please bring cash if you plan to print, as we are unable to process payments through credit cards or payroll deduction. If no staff member is present, seal your cash payment in an envelope and write your name and the amount enclosed on the front. Place it in the book drop box.

  • We provide free fax services at all library locations.

Loan Period For Books

  • Lee Health staff may check out AHA manuals and books from the shelves at any of our four Medical Library locations. If a library staff member is not present, instructions about how to check out books are displayed on the front desk counter. A library staff member must be present to check out an AHA manual.

  • The loan period for most materials is three weeks. Books can be renewed three times consecutively, if there is not a hold on the item and your record is in good standing.

  • The public may use books while in the library but may not check out books.


Returning Items

  • Materials can be returned to any of our libraries:  Lee Memorial Hospital, Cape Coral Hospital, Gulf Coast Medical Center, and HealthPark Medical Center. You do not have to return items to the location from which you borrowed them.

  • Items must be returned directly to the library front desk or the library drop box. If there is no staff member at the library, please return items by placing them in the drop box. Please do not leave them out in the open, as you are responsible for them until they are checked in.

Fines and Payment

  • Fines for overdue items are $0.25/day, up to a $10.00 maximum per item, per renewal period. There is no grace period. Fines may be paid (in cash) at the library’s front desk. If no staff member is present, seal your cash payment in an envelope and write your name and the amount enclosed on the front. Place it in the book drop box.

  • Overdue fines are assessed if materials are returned late or renewed late (if there is a gap between the due date and the date the item is renewed).

  • Patrons with fines exceeding $15 will be prevented from borrowing or renewing materials until fines are paid.

  • Patrons will be charged the replacement cost for lost items; this cost will be deducted from the staff member’s payroll check. Items will be considered lost if they are not returned within two months of the due date.

  • Damaged materials should be returned to the library for assessment of damages. You will be responsible for up to the replacement cost of damaged items.

Book Donations

  • Book donations are accepted, with the understanding that the library may add them to the collection at its discretion, add them to our sale book cart, or dispose of them if they do not meet the standards for selection. Generally, books will be added to the collection based on the same criteria as purchased material. The library reserves the right to determine the retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to the use of all donations.

  • Medical, nursing, and other healthcare-related books will not be accepted if there is a newer edition available, or if the information is outdated and is no longer considered best practice. 

  • Library staff members reserve the right to refuse donated items in poor condition. Please refrain from donating visibly soiled, torn, or yellowing books.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide charitable donation receipts for tax deductions.