Wednesday, November 09, 2022


The more you know about someone's healthcare beliefs or practices, the more your care and treatment plans can be designed for the best health outcomes possible--those which take into account your patient's world view. Transcultural health care focuses on the cultural beliefs and lifestyles of diverse groups of people and on the use of this knowledge to provide culturally appropriate patient care.


CultureVision is an online database giving patient-facing caregivers access to information about 75 ethnic groups, religious groups, and additional communities for use in increasing culturally competent patient based care. Although each patient is unique, this information is important to consider. For example, CultureVision reminds us that is always important to inquire about traditional treatments being used by each patient, as adverse drug reactions may occur upon combining certain agents.


CultureVision also benefits non-clinical staff seeking to improve teamwork, productivity, performance, and communication by creating understanding of cultural commonalities and differences in the workforce and marketplace.


Lee Health staff have instant access to this tool through the Medical Library website. Explore CultureVision to improve the services you deliver and become more comfortable and confident in your ability to interact with clients and colleagues from diverse cultures.


Please contact the Medical Library for access to CultureVision at